About Us

Being a videographer takes more than just a good camera. It takes knowledge, skill, experience and a creative eye. We began our experience with image production in beautiful central Italy during the 1970s. A passion for creating quality images moved us from the very beginning. We worked for newspapers and sports magazines, covering events and various corporate needs.  Our images have also been displayed in expositions in Italy and the US. Today, we bring our experience to video production in Rhode Island and New England.

Trained in photography at the Swiss Institute of Technology, and with almost 40 yrs of experience, we know how to do the job right. Yet, we use the latest technologies and keep our video production in Rhode Island and New England looking fresh and cutting-edge. We produce commercial and corporate videos, documentaries, event videos, aerial imaging and much more. At Cozzi Video Productions we use state-of-the-art digital and ultra high definition equipment. This includes interchangeable prime lenses, teleprompters, camera cranes and drones for the most demanding applications. We do almost all of our work on location. However, we can provide appropriate lighting and sound control to ensure the best possible video quality without altering the mood of your location.

Your satisfaction is not just our goal, it’s our pledge, but don’t take our word for it. Check out our samples and read what some of our clients had to say in their customer reviews.

Call us today for quality video production in Rhode Island and most of New England.