Content Marketing Videos

Content marketing videos are fast increasing in importance and popularity. They take an indirect but very effective approach to promotion. The concept starts from the premise that people will not visit your web site just to see your advertising. So, these videos focus on resolving a problem or an issue your prospective clients are likely to experience. First, they describe the problem in some detail, just enough to connect with what a potential client might be experiencing. Then they offer one or more solutions and some of the know-how that are necessary to resolve the problem. Of course, the solution is implemented using your product or your service. These videos may even include a call to action, but it is generally specific and related to the problem described. Their usefulness is what makes content marketing videos very effective when compared to the typical commercial.

An Example of Content Marketing Videos

For example, one of the most successful clients we have had over the years is an entrepreneur who started from essentially nothing. He had two things right, however: a passion for his work, and the right concept for his future clients.

We first produced a commercial for him that introduced the business, but also indicated the services he offered as a solution to a need his clients had. During our initial consultation we shared various possible approaches with him, and he really caught on. Soon, he started producing instructional videos teaching his potential clients how they could resolve common, but annoying and costly problems.

In his content marketing videos he would show how they could resolve their specific problem. He would also explain how his business could assist them with the right products, the right advice and when needed the correct service. As a result, his business started growing, and soon he started specializing in specific sectors related to his profession. From a start up business run primarily alone, he has now multiple employees, has traveled nationally and internationally as a consultant in his line of business, and continues to grow and expand his reach.

One thing, however, he has not changed. He continues to use content marketing videos to show his prospective clients how they can resolve their problems with his help and his products.

Call us today, and benefit from our experience and know-how in video production. We want you to be the next success story!