Customer Support Videos

There are many effective ways to use videos in business. Customer support videos, however, can save your company a lot of money. They are a win-win solution to a common challenge: offering basic and repetitive instructions. We know and understand that customer support is very important. However, with costs continually rising, providing a good support service can be quite expensive. A solution is to eliminate the most repetitive aspects of customer support and concentrate your staff’s efforts on more complex situations.

The Problem

Many companies have attempted to resolve this challenge by limiting their support to user forums. There is a draw back, however, in that solution. All too often the “support” is offered by people who are not fully trained in the specific area of inquiry. We have encountered that problem quite frequently. It always gave us the impression that we invested in the product of a company that doesn’t care.

Another way some companies have attempted to resolve the challenge is by relying on white papers or FAQ sites. While these can be useful, all too often they are just a replacement for the paper instructions. They are just more difficult to find, as a search for a simple task often produces zero results.

The Solution: Customer Support Videos

One way to free your staff, and save resources and costs is to offer your customers well produced support videos. These videos demonstrate common tasks like the assembly, installation or routine maintenance of your products. However, this type of video not only frees your staff for more involved needs, but it also appeals to your customers. Let’s face it, no one likes having to make a call to a support department for a simple question, especially if you have to wait on hold. Likewise, no one likes to read a lot of confusing instructions in a large sheet of paper.

Your customer support videos, instead, will appeal to your customers because they save them time and make their task easy. It is truly a win-win. You save money and your customers saves time. Additionally, customers will feel better about resolving the challenge “on their own”. Plus, they can review the video as many times as they need.

A well produced customer support video can be the next best thing to a direct in-person contact. They can be friendly, pleasant, yet instructive and easy to understand and follow. An actor or one of your expert technicians demonstrates the needed task, like a routine maintenance or an assembly. Meanwhile, the video can show the entire project or important details. These visual and auditory clues will make the task at hand simple to remember and understand for your customers.


Another advantage of customer support videos is that you can include them with the product itself. Or they can be streamed or downloaded from your web site, and even posted on social media or YouTube. This not only helps your existing customers, but may attract new ones who may be searching for similar products. The quality of the video will also model that of your product and of your customer service. This can easily motivate them to find out more.

As usual, we can assist in every stage of the process, from the initial idea to the final video, including royalty free fully orchestrated music, voiceover, and more. So, call us today. We will be happy to answer any question you may have and produce for you high quality videos at very competitive rates.

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