Using Drones for Marketing Videos

Marketing videos and commercials are all about catching the attention and the eye of potential clients. They need to look modern, innovative, and provide different perspectives to grasp and retain attention. That’s where the use of drones can add production value to your marketing videos.

A Different Perspective

Drones can effectively and economically replace most of the complex shots that used to require helicopters, and that presented a much greater expense and risk. They are quite versatile and in some cases they can fly indoors as well. Additionally, a drone can not only replace, but greatly expand what can be achieved with a camera crane. However, just like a helicopter or a crane shot, drones are not here to replace other footage. High quality marketing videos will integrate drone footage together with good camera work on the ground. In such a blend, the drone can provide a different angle, or give a bird-eye view of a location. It is a different perspective that can add dimension, perspective and movement to your video.

Expanding the Possibilities of Marketing Videos

What we can achieve with a proper integration of drone shots with quality ground camera work is limited only by our imagination. Large corporations, news agencies, and most movies today incorporate drone shots to maximize the effect of their videos. To better understand why, let’s look at a few typical camera shots and how drones can expand and enhance them.

Wide shot

The drone captures a wide shot of a specific location, a building, or a neighborhood. This can be used as an establishing shot, or to include a wider perspective. One of the effects this type of shot can achieve is to show the expanse of a campus, or a real estate development, or an industrial complex. The opposite, however, is also true. This type of shot can also show how small something can be when compared to the environment in which it rests. For example, this view can show how tiny a home can be relative to the rest of the neighborhood.

Dolly shot

A dolly shot is performed by moving the camera toward a subject or away from it. A drone can greatly expand this shot. It can start very close to a subject like a door, and then move away to reveal the whole building and even the entire neighborhood.

Tracking shot

A tracking shot usually involves moving a camera on a rail to follow an action, like two people walking and talking with each other. A drone can not only replicate this shot, but expand it to a fast action scene where it would not be practical or possible to use a rail. Not only so, but a drone can even fly around the scene while tracking it.

Of course, the list could go on and on. As stated, the sky is the limit — quite literally — and what we can achieve is limited only by our imagination.

A Tool Is Only as Good as the Hand That Uses it

Like every other tool, just owning a drone does not mean we can take awesome pictures or videos. It takes training, practice, instruction and skill. In addition to flying the drone safely and skillfully, there is the need to frame the shot, adjust the exposure, decide on the best shutter speed, evaluate the need for filters and select the best time for the shot. Whatever footage is captured with a drone, it also needs to be compatible with that of the ground camera, as it will have to blend with it seamlessly. A lot to keep in mind? Absolutely! But that is where the experience and the practice becomes particularly important.

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