Including Customer Testimonials in Your Video

OK. So, you are working on an idea for your promotional or corporate video. You want to emphasize how your product or your service can really help your audience. Of course, you could state that yourself, but that may sound too cliche, and may even reduce your credibility. Then, you remember what many have said before, that “word of mouth” is really the best advertising. The problem with that is that you want to reach a broader audience, people who are not likely to hear about you from others. One way to resolve this is for you to bring that “word of mouth” to your audience in a credible way. This can be accomplished through customer testimonials.

Including Customer Testimonials

The power of testimonials is undisputed. When some friends or colleagues tell you that Smith & Doe have done a great job for them, you are much more likely to check them out. So why not bring that to your new market niche by including customer testimonials in your video? True, this may not quite compare with the opinion of a friend, but it can be quite close to it.

Generally filmed on location (in your customer’s environment), this type of video showcases your customer praising your product or service. It shows how you have helped your customers achieve their goals or resolve their problems. Of course, it needs to be quite convincing. For this reason it is good to keep in mind a few points:

If at all possible use real customers!

Hiring actors for your customer testimonials may be a way to go about it, but it will be noticed. Real customers will speak differently, act differently, and this will add much credibility to what they are saying. A real satisfied customer can be verified if needed, and this is important, too.

It is best to keep the hype out of this segment.

Genuineness and credibility are the most important concepts to pursue. Too much hype will sound contrived, insincere, exaggerated, and will reduce the effectiveness of your video. Again keep it real.

Film it on location.

This presents several advantages. Among them, the fact that you can easily show that this is a real customer. Additionally, your customer will feel more at ease in his/her environment, rather than on a set. This makes a great difference in speaking and acting more naturally.

Keep it very short and to the point.

This will require the skill of a professional when filming it. People will tend to say too much. Some may even attempt to piggy back on your video to actually promote their business. To avoid this, we skillfully use an off-camera interview style. This helps the talent state what is important concisely, but still naturally.

Pay special attention to sound and lighting.

When filming customer testimonials the right balance of light will be extremely important. In this case we aim at something that looks good and professional, but also natural and genuine. Sound is also very important and needs to be clear of most background noise. However, it should not be so “dry” that it sounds like produced in a studio.

Customer testimonials can be included in a promotional or corporate video, or can be produced as a separate video. In either case, a professional approach is important in order to capture the right balance and the right mood of the final video. We have many years of experience working with people, and are quite skilled at making your customers feel at ease in front of a camera.

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