Making Great Commercials

Although commercials are traditionally connected with large budgets and broadcast television, you should really explore other more cost effective venues that may be available to you. Especially with advertising budgets constantly being trimmed, you should seriously consider our high quality, yet lower cost commercials. TV ads, online videos, pre-roll video ads, and ads shown in theaters are only a few familiar examples.

Creating Memorable Commercials

What makes commercials good is not their length or how much you say in them. You should target a length of about 30 seconds or a maximum of 1 minute. Don’t let this short time intimidate you, however. Many who are not accustomed to this type of video production make the mistake of wanting to say too much. They think they need to tell their whole story, or list most of their products. Because the commercial is their venue to reach a potential customer, they often want to say as much as they can.

Commercials, however, are not sales presentations or sales meetings. You really want to give a positive impression. Yes, an impression — not a full story. Your audience will most likely forget most of the content and the details. However, they will remember the impression and the image that the commercial conveys.

When it comes to short commercials, less is better than more in terms of how much is stated. But that “less” needs to be good, well planned, right to the point and studied in such a way as to convey the impression that you wish to leave with your audience. Think of it as a very good “elevator speech:” it needs to be short and to the point, but it must leave a lasting impression and a positive image.

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