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Learn the moves “right” from the start! Sabeya will guide you through the fundamentals with clear movement breakdowns and precise instructions to help you learn elegant and clean execution. Get in touch with your femininity. Improve posture, fluidity of movement, self-confidence, poise and increase stamina.

  • Format: NTSC
  • Language & Subtitles: English
  • Sound: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
  • Region: ALL
  • Run Time: About 200 min.

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Equivalent to three (3) full courses and valued at more than $100.00!

About the DVD Set

This DVD set includes more than 3 hrs of easy instruction organized as follows:

Warm up – Foundational positions – Basic movements – Hip lifts – Drops – Circles – Figure eight – Undulations – Shimmies – Exercises – … and more.

This second disc contains a variety of dance combinations and dance exercises to put all you have learned in disc 1 into practice and help you make up your own choreography.

Easy to follow menus in both discs will guide you directly to the segment(s) you are interested in for a very convenient and quick review. Bonus: An exclusive theatrical performance by Sabeya.

About Sabeya

Sabeya (Sah-bay-yeah) is an international performing artist, instructor and choreographer.

A well rounded and versatile dancer, from an early age Sabeya found her passion in dance and fitness. Her dance training background includes ballet, jazz, hip hop, ballroom, latin dances, argentine tango, fusion and middle eastern dance.

As a dance instructor, choreographer and performer, her credits include a long list of appearances in film, theater and music videos. Since the beginning of her teaching career, Sabeya has taught thousands of students. She has two certifications as a trainer’s trainer, and is also known as a mentor and an influential teacher with a reputation for producing skilled instructors.

Director of award winning dance troupe Johara, Sabeya is currently the artistic director for the International Bellydance Academy, Confidance Institute, Inc. And producer and organizer of the largest belly dance flash mob type event of its kind: Shimmy Mob. For more information about Sabeya and her career, visit www.sabeya.com.


“The first time I watched it as a student I loved it but later on I watched it as a teacher view, loved it more. She’s breaking down the moves perfectly and there are lots in that DVD to learn. Great DVD!” – Parvaneh, Canada.

“This video is stunning and the teaching is to the point. I value the breakdown of the moves and the teacher is awesome.” – Lori Nyl, Canada.

“I received your DVD today! I watched some parts of it today and it’s absolutely beautiful! You’re a truly talented star, Sabeya! Congratulations for making such a nice video!” – Ligia Savino, British Columbia.

“I loved every part of Sabeya’s DVD. It’s perfect and there are lots of moves that we can learn from it which people put probably in 2 DVDs. Sabeya is so talented and the way that she’s teaching is awesome. Nice performance, too. Great Job.” – Parvaneh Yazdani, Canada.

“Sabeya is amazing in these DVDs. She’s very thorough with her descriptions and demonstrations of positions for your feet, knees, and hips. Other DVDs I’ve tried just simply show you the move, Sabeya really breaks down every move to show you the proper way of executing every move. The backgrounds behind Sabeya were very relaxing and inviting. I felt like it was a personal dance session. The best belly dance instructional video I’ve used yet.” – Manda, Rhode Island (Amazon Forum Post).

“This DVD set is a wonderful gift to anyone who has been curious about Belly Dance and is wanting to try it at home. It is also a great tool for any new belly dance teacher. After watching this DVD set it’s easy to see why Sabeya is recognized as one of the most gifted instructors and performers in North America.  I would recommend Sebeya’s DVD set to anyone who is interested in learning the Art of Belly Dancing. Sabeya so graciously shares her passion for Belly Dance with her soothing voice and simple step by step instructions. Thumbs up to the Essentials and Fundamental Movements sections which are very important sections for all dancers who recognize the importance of regularly reviewing the basics. Unlike any other dance DVD that I’ve seen, Sabeya’s movements are very easy to watch and follow because her curves are clearly seen against the blue water in the background. The contrast is perfect. Sabeya presents combinations that are beautiful an fun. It is without a doubt that I would suggest this DVD set as the best place to start. I thoroughly enjoyed watching and know that any dancer who watches will learn some of the secrets of the feminine energy and power of belly dance, and will be able execute the movements so brilliantly taught in this DVD set. After watching you will be belly dancing like a queen in no time!” – Nathalie Bernard, Belly Dance Instructor, Canada.

“After watching the beautiful trailer, I immediately ordered this two DVD set. Wow – there is a lot of information packed into these two DVDs! Sabeya does a beautiful job carefully and clearly explaining each move – and she covers a lot of them making these DVDs a valuable tool for any dance student. As an intermediate dancer I found it helpful to go over the foundation moves to perfect my positioning – plus learn new moves as well! There are several combinations and practice segments included to get us started in acquiring the skills needed. Sabeya is stunning, the backgrounds are gorgeous and these are nicely produced DVDs. Every belly dancer must add this to their library. Sabeya’s performance video is flawless and inspiring.”  – Denise Parker, Canada.

“Overall, I enjoyed the video and found it useful, both as a teaching tool and for personal use. The setup is convenient; the first disk is sequenced well for either new students to learn moves, or for instructors to use as an aid in teaching beginners. As an instructor who also spends a designated time practicing and drilling, the second disk was more useful for my own personal use, since it was drills and combinations. As teachers, it is still important to practice, but I find that once we have a larger vocabulary, what to practice on a daily basis can be daunting. Having preset drills on which to work saves time and directs focus. The scenery is soothing, and a nice change from studio shots. Audio was clear, and even the occasional wind blowing into the audio didn’t get in the way of Sabeya’s clear direction. Overall, this is definitely a worthwhile investment and addition to my belly dance library :)” – Brenda M. Cotnoir, Rhode Island.

“Wow! I was so impressed and inspired to try belly dancing. Sabeya makes it look so easy and effortless. The individual movements are isolated and put together, so it all makes sense. It’s great seeing the isolated movements because it makes it easier to follow. I can stop the dvd and practice the moves until I get them right. It will take me a while to learn them because she is so thorough, but looking at the actual dance makes me keep working on it. I want to dance half that well. Sabeya is beautiful and so is the scenery. I am buying one for myself and one as a gift for my sister.” – NaNaBright, Amazon Review.

“Fantastic! This DVD set is ideal, not only for beginners who want to learn technique, but I think it will serve as a great refresher for intermediate belly dancers as well. Sabeya is thorough and descriptive in her explanation of each belly dance move, and she doesn’t go too fast. The DVD set comes with two videos, each one packed with information on fundamentals, practice moves, as well as tips and tricks to help you achieve the right look and feel. Best of all, it is fun and entertaining, with a beautiful dance performance by Sabeya at the end. She shows you the potential outcome of where all this practicing can take you!” – KB, Amazon Review.

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