Aerial Imaging

Why Aerial Imaging?

Aerial imaging is used in a multitude of fields, and can make your job much easier and more cost-effective. Here are some examples:
● Video production and commercial photography
● Crop scouting, inspection and monitoring
● Faster and safer surveys
● Quick and cost-effective detection of problems through thermal imaging
● Improve solar panel design workflow and expedite panel and array inspections
● Highly detailed aerial mapping: click here for a sample (zoom in for a comparison in the details)
● Area damage report and documentation
● Creating digital records of endangered archaeological sites
● Project mapping for conservation and environmental management
● Construction site monitoring and reporting
● Identify and inspect industrial hazards

FAA certified sUAS commercial pilot

Flying a “drone” is never a game. We take the job very seriously and fly responsibly. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to earn your trust and to provide you with a top quality service, as we combine new technologies with years of experience in high quality image production.

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