From the heart story of many families behind the urban development in Newport to the hidden aspects of homelessness, our documentaries share a meaningful message, and build on solid and objective research. We produce documentaries for a variety of media: from HD and UHD/4K broadcast to web streaming or informational DVDs and BluRay discs.

Independent Documentaries

Man in ruins

As a small business, we are not limited by the bottom line like most large corporations. Because of this we have the ability to produce independent work that we believe in, and shares a good and needed message.

Contracted Productions

We can produce documentaries to support worthwhile causes, inform and educate the public or promote a unique story from a unique angle. Our productions are suitable for corporate settings as well. We provide creative assistance through the entire process.

What we can offer

● State of the art equipment
● Camera crane, sliders, teleprompters, etc.
● Aerial film and imagery
● Master quality UHD/4K video
● Voiceover and music scoring
● Expert interview techniques
● Recording with a film look

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