Video Biographies

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Imagine being able to tell your children, grandchildren, and even your great-grandchildren all those things you wanted to say to them through the years. With our video biographies you can. A video biography helps you pass on your legacy from generation to generation, keeping it always original and unadulterated.

Throughout your lifetime you have seen many things change, including the values of new generations. All too often, young people lose the perspective and the value of the past. What you have learned and experienced in the course of your life is precious, and should be shared. In that way, the next generations will be able to see it and hear it directly from you, and will learn to appreciate the preciousness of it all.

A Perfect Gift, Too

Video biographies can also make a perfect gift for a person you wish to honor. Our production assistant can schedule and plan the needed interviews, include old footage or even 8mm film and of course photos. We then put it all together in a way that fits with your style and plans. If needed, we can even be present at important events to record key moments to be included as you honor someone important to you.

The Value of Biographical Videos

Your experiences, combined with the professional quality and skills that we offer, are what makes a biographical video truly valuable. Your loved ones will treasure them for many years to come. Our biographical videos are a balanced blend of interviews, pictures, motion film and good sound techniques. They will tell your story in a way that is appealing and meaningful.

A Legacy Forever Remembered

Our interview style will put you at ease and will make you comfortable as you tell your story, so no need to worry. Then, our editorial creativity will do the rest, bringing it all to life in a way that captures the attention of future generations. After all, that is what biographical videos are all about.

What’s Included

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Our biographical videos are custom made individual productions. Therefore they are not canned, fitting to a preset template that may or may not apply to you. In the pre-production stage we work with you to assess your needs, evaluating what the best approach would be. Then, once we have an idea and a plan for the video, we discuss it with you to make sure you will be fully satisfied. Of course, we will help you all along, and for that we have developed a number of questions that will guide you without stifling you. After all, a good biographical video needs to be genuine and sincere.

The typical video of this kind may include all or some of the following topics:

  • An introduction and/or dedication
  • Some comments about your ancestry
  • Your childhood, family and home
  • Family relations and responsibilities
  • Family income and livelihood
  • Days, seasons, and special occasions
  • Friends and recreation
  • School and education
  • Transportation and surroundings
  • Outlook on life
  • Higher education and career
  • Marriage and adult life
  • Philosophy of life

… and more.

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What To Expect

The production stages for a typical biographical video will include any or all of the following:

  • Pre-Production
    • Initial meeting to establish your specific ideas and needs
    • Proposal (This is where we propose a specific approach for the video)
  • Production:
    • We film your interview, and any other interview needed for the video. This will include the use of two cameras, lights and possibly a background. Generally we do this on location.
    • We gather the photos and films you have available to illustrate your story and process them to get them ready for inclusion in the video. We then return them to you undamaged and in the original conditions.
  • Post-production:
    • We edit your video, including the interviews as well as the necessary photos and films.
    • Then, we score the video with appropriate royalty free music.
    • Our production assistant will schedule a first viewing with you for your approval.
    • Finally, we encode the video based on the medium you choose to deliver it in. (We produce all our videos in UltraHD format and downscale them and encode them as needed for delivery.)
    • Lastly, we deliver your copy in a beautiful encasement, and any other copies you need in your chosen format.

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